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1962-2012 Mida’s first 50 years

Celebrating fifty years is as an important event for a company as for a person. It is an extraordinary event that leads us to reflect on the past in order to throw ourselves with renewed energy into a future that builds on our previous experiences.
I have recent personal experience of this.
Now it’s Mida’s turn. My partners and I bought the company from the founders about five years ago: its history has deep roots. The experience acquired, united with the energy of its hard-working, dedicated staff, the ideas and the tireless work of its management, the attention and the investments of its shareholders, will determine how bright its future will be. Its 50th birthday therefore provides an opportunity I would like to take to retrace, together with you, in a lighthearted manner, Mida’s evolution during its first fifty years. In this way we give its beginnings the value they deserve and we also remember those who, before us, clients and colleagues, were the creators of its success.

San Salvatore di Malnate, 16 April 2012
Paolo Boldoni

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