2 in 1 labels for pharmaceutical products



aproten penne new

A single label ... multiple functions


The Company was interested in creating a single, special label for the different types of pasta, both long and short, for this protein pasta line which is sold only in pharmacies, that had to have the following features:
A) it should promote the product
B) it could also be used by the pharmacist to take advantage of reimbursements paid by the NHS.

Mida therefore created a special, promotional label for all the different types of pasta, both long and short, that make up the medical line. The label – in polypropylene – is made up of two separable parts, each one with the following particularities:
1) in the upper section the words Special Offer are printed in full color. The adhesive ensures the promotional message remains stuck to the packet of pasta. Once the lower part has been detached, this can be used as an Open and Close seal to maintain the freshness of the product.
2) in the lower part there is an easily removable coupon for the pharmaceutical reimbursement: a precut area with partial inhibition of the permanent adhesive, which has a black barcode and a completely non-adhesive tab that makes it easy to detach. In fact, the pharmacist applies this coupon to the medical prescription for the sale of exempt products.





etichetta offerta risparmio


PP White Permanent Adhesive


Typographic and partially non-adhesive back of the label


50 x 90 mm for the short pasta and 30 x 100 mm for the long pasta





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