Extreme forms and use in the garden



This sleeve received a nomination for an award in the Finat competition 2011 (international association of producers of self-adhesive labels) in the Sleeve category.
For the launch of a new line of fertilizers, our client wanted to create a particular packaging which would clearly communicate its new contents. With its ergonomic shape for an easy grip, the package was also enriched with strongly appealing images.
For its creation, the client chose to:
A)apply a sleeve label on the whole container, except for the cork
B)give it a shiny metallic effect

The shrinkable label wraps 360° around the package and, thanks to the larger, available space, it is possible to have a more comprehensive and captivating communication. The writing is printed on the inside of the label, thus allowing it to be protected and maintaining the shininess of the film.
For this line of products, the client wanted to maintain the same image of the bags with a metalized color: for this purpose, the sleeve was enriched with a metallic silver cold foil. The application of the cold foil to the film was a particularly delicate operation in order to obtain perfect shrinkage on the bottle. The sleeve was created to adapt to a package with a special shape. For covering the difficult points, such as the shoulders of the package, we used particularly “elastic” inks that are ideal for adapting to irregular shapes. The final result is a sleeve that distorts very well, maintaining adherence and uniform color everywhere.

cold foil, metallic silver color
inks that are ideal for adapting to irregular shapes
made in Flexo




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