Making the packaging shine




Detergency products

For this new range of products, our client wanted to:
A)apply a sleeve label onto an irregularly-shaped, personalized container
B)give the packaging a shiny metallic effect

Mida created the sleeve label that you can see in the photo.
The sleeve is a shrinkable label that wraps 360° around the package, which represents a substantial integration of the solutions offered by self-adhesive labels.
Thanks to the larger, available space, it is possible to have a more comprehensive and captivating communication.
The writing is printed on the inside of the label, thus allowing it to be protected and maintaining the shininess of the film.
In this case, in order to efficiently communicate the product’s characteristics, the sleeve has been enhanced with a cold foil in a metallic silver color.
It was a particularly delicate task to match the application of the foil to the shrinking on the bottle. The final result, as the image shows, was satisfying and the final high-quality image perfectly represents the product it contains. .




vim1   vim2vim sleeve

It covers the whole bottle, except for the cork
It is applied to a personalized, irregularly-shaped container
It has a shiny, metallic effect thanks to the application of a metalized cold foil




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