Drafts, orders and delivery dates via the web

To ensure that at the moment you send us an order, we are already working on the machine program that will create it. To improve and facilitate communication between us, you can use a tool that reduces response times, simplifies the mechanisms for exchanging data and eliminates manual errors.
As a client of Mida, the following services are available:
• Request of drafts
• Approval of drafts
• Order entry
• Work progress report

Other services are also available:
• Online quotes
• Immediate confirmation of orders
• Online price lists
• Shipping tracking

In short, you can immediately take advantage of the following benefits:
• Reduced average delivery times
• Simplified activities for sending and managing orders
• The certainty that orders sent to us are correctly processed
• Quicker response times
• Immediate information about the status of your order
• Precise information about when your order has been shipped.

For more detailed information about each of these services, please click here

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